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         The kangaroo is a unique and extraordinary Australian
animal that has evolved over millions of years to live in
harmony with the land. It is recognised all over the world as a
symbol of Australia.

map of Australia with kangaroos
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Take a tour and meet Australia's kangaroos

All images are CopyrightAll photos contributed by Brett Clifton, Ray Drew, Stella Reid and Pat O'Brien are copyright
and may not be reproduced without permission

kangaroo iconFemale kangaroos and their pouched young

Kangaroo pouched joeyat foot joeys

pouched joey 6 pouched joey 7

pouched joey 8pouched joey 9pouched joey 10

kangaroo pouched joey 11pouched joey 12

at foot joey iconAt-foot joeys spend time in and out of the pouch

Joey at foot
at foot joeys

joey at foot3small joey sitting upsmall joey at foot7
small joey at footat foot joeyat foot joey 10


orphaned joeys being cared for by wildlife carersOrphaned joeys being cared for by wildlife carers

Image of a kangaroo
orphaned joey9orphaned joeys

orphaned-joey3orphaned joey7orphaned joeys4

orphaned joey8orphaned joey 5orphaned joey 10

orphaned joey 11orphaned joey 6orphaned joey 12

Kangaroos on the moveKangaroos on the move

kangaroos on the move
kangaroos on the move4kangaroo on the move4
kangaroo on the move2kangaroo on move6
kangaroo on the move7kangaroo on the move8
kangaroo on the move5

Adult Male KangaroosAdult males

Adult Male7adult males 2 -6

adult male 1adult males
adult male 9adult males10
adult male 3adult male 4

The Mob The mob

The Mob
The Mob 5The Mob 3
The Mob9The Mob 1
The Mob 4The Mob
The mob-10
The Mob7

White KangaroosA white kangaroo occurs in around 1 in 10,000 births


Large white kangaroo lying down
white kangaroowhite kangaroo4
 white kangaroo 6white kangaroo 7
white kangaroo

Belconnen Kangaroos    514 healthy kangaroos including pouched joeys and at-foot joeys were killed
unnecessarily at Belconnen in Canberra in 2008. Now part of this land is being
developed for housing.

Belconnen kangaroos
kangaroo at Belconnen1kangaroos from belconnen3
Belconnen kangaroos
kangaroo from Belconnen
The Belconnen Mob

Belconnen Mob Poem

You can learn more about kangaroos and have fun doing lots of puzzles in the book - Kangaroo Footprints.

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