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Can you draw a kangaroo? I will show you what to do

No.1 First you draw a large-sized bean
Not too fat and not too lean.
Draw the body Draw a kangaroo 1
Number 2 Draw a head with eyes so bright
They will help it see at night
2-drawing the head Kangaroo drawing 2
Number 3Now just add two agile ears
They will hear when danger nears
Draw the ears draw a kangaroo 3
Number 4, the legs Add strong legs to help it hop
They will never ever stop
Draw a kangaroo 4 Draw a kangaroo 4
Number 5- the armsNow add arms and then the paws
Don't forget to add the claws
Draw a kangaroo Draw a kangaroo 5
Number 6. the tail Next you draw a big strong tail
It will never ever fail
Draw a kangaroo -tail Draw a kangaroo 6

To help with balance it's the best
When kangaroo eats and has a rest

Now you know just what to do
You can draw a kangaroo ... or maybe even a mob of them.

Image of a kangaroo


You can learn more about kangaroos and have fun doing lots of puzzles in the book - Kangaroo Footprints.

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